Prasthanathraya – Vol V

In this esoteric work the author interprets to us the actual text of Sankara Bhashya on the world’s most ancient and lofty attestation of the science of the self, which combines the eternal rules that govern the phenomenal universe and the intangible cosmos, too rational to be rejected by infidels, too experiental to be ignored by scientists, too rebelliously truthful to be bound by priestly rituals. This book, which is the valuable product of a life-long study and research, can well claim the merit of offering unerring guidance to any sincere student of Indain philosophy.

With the Bhashyas in the original Sanskrit. English translation, explanatory notes and foot notes.


Prasthanathraya – Vol V


Author: Panoli V

Category: Spiritual

Language:   English

Edition: 1

Publisher: Mathrubhumi






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